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Access to employment

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A good job can be a foundation for personal stability, a key to accessing solid quality of living, and a way to contribute meaningfully to society. Focusing on groups who have traditionally been excluded from employment or whose opportunities for access to career paths has been limited, we support projects to help get people into jobs that advance social goals in a range of industries, from cooking in Lisbon and New York to heritage preservation in Marseilles.

Opportunities for Employment Inclusion, Courtesy of Louis XIV

Marseilles-based nonprofit Acta Vista is working toward a brighter future for those excluded from employment—and that future is built on occupations like stonemasonry, ironworking, joining, roofing, and more that wouldn’t seem a bit out of place in the seventeenth century.
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A Company where Inclusive Employment Is the Fashion
A Progetto Quid employee sewing face masks

855 kilometers is roughly the distance from Paris to Berlin. It’s also the length of fabric ethical fashion brand Progetto Quid has given new life. Approximately 85% of the Italian organization’s employees are women, and 70% come from vulnerable backgrounds, including refugees, people who have experienced incarceration, survivors of violence, people in recovery from addiction, and others.
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An Entrepreneurial Model for Clean Water in Madagascar
A delivery vehicle carrying water canisters

1001fontaines seeks to support sustainable, distributed water supply systems by recruiting and training local entrepreneurs to run “Water Kiosks,” which the organization constructs.
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A Greek Street Paper and a Michelin Star Chef
Shedia magazine, usually sold on the street by people experiencing homelessness, moved temporarily to a subscription model during the pandemic

A Recipe for Mushroom Soup from Schedia Home and Greece’s First Michelin Star Winner
The job application has only one question: Do you know how to boil an egg? Shedia Home, an eatery in central Athens, demonstrates that prior experience need not be a barrier to opportunity and that fine food need not be paired with pretention. Older adults without previous culinary experience prepare a menu designed by Lefteris Lazarou, the first Greek chef to be awarded a Michelin star.
They shared their recipe for a tasty mushroom soup:

  • 100 g olive oil
  • 1 kg sliced white mushrooms
  • 150 g thinly sliced leek
  • +7 more
Mastering the Art of French Cooking is Just the Beginning for These Women
Women & Top Chefs participants

Haute cuisine is not an obvious ingredient for a recipe for social and economic empowerment. But Women & Top Chefs, a project of Marseilles-based Association Départ’s La Table de Cana organization, turns the rarified environment of elite kitchens into incubators for social progress.
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