A health worker with the Mobile Medical Units conducts an eye exam

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Access to quality health care

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We believe that everyone—wherever they live, whatever their background, and whatever their financial circumstances—should have access to excellent medical care. Greece, where the Foundation has its roots, has been a special point of focus for SNF, including through the landmark SNF Health Initiative and the Mobile Medical Unit missions led by Regeneration & Progress.

The SNF Health Initiative in Greece

In collaboration with the public sector, the ongoing SNF Health Initiative aims to strengthen the Greek health system, enabling people across the country to access the best care available. The huge initiative encompasses a variety of projects, including:

  • Construction of new hospitals, designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, in Sparta, Thessaloniki, and Komotini
  • Procurement of specialized equipment, including air ambulances and PET scanners
  • Implementation of educational programs on treatment of trauma and prevention of in-hospital infections
  • Support for the field of nursing in Greece
Reaching residents of remote islands with specialist care

Residents of remote Greek islands can have to travel for as long as 20 hours to obtain a straightforward diagnostic exam. The Mobile Medical Units from nonprofit Regeneration & Progress turns the problem of access on its head, essentially bringing the hospital to the patient, so that health workers volunteering their time can offer free specialist care to residents on site.
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New Hospital Triples the Number of Surgical Beds for Children in Uganda
Photo: Marcello Bonfranti

Situated on the banks of Lake Victoria, the new hospital was designed pro bono by Renzo Piano, one of the world’s leading architects, with a focus on sustainability and patient-centric care. It’s intended to serve as a surgical referral point for patients from other countries in the region.

An organization with its finger on the pulse of surgical safety around the world
Lifebox pulse oximeter in use in surgery
Photo: Vainateya Gavai

It’s a simple piece of equipment that can save your life in surgery. Lifebox has worked with local partners to deliver tens of thousands of specially designed pulse oximeters into resource-limited surgical contexts, along with training and proven safety methodologies.
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Work to add capacity for 175 new ICU and HDU beds across Greece underway

As part of its $100 million global COVID-19 relief initiative, SNF announced a grant to enable the addition of capacity for 175 ICU and High-Dependency Unit (HDU) beds in 15 hospitals across Greece, from Attica to Thessaloniki, Lamia, and Crete. The spaces for the new beds are expected to serve more than 6,500 patients each year, and the grant also includes a five-year educational program for doctors and nurses who work in ICUs.
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New radiotherapy equipment for hospitals around Greece

Access to the best possible health services and the latest technology ought to be the privilege of all, and not just of a lucky few.

SNF Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos

By procuring ten linear accelerators for seven public hospitals across Greece and covering their maintenance and training for staff, SNF aimed to strengthen the arsenal of tools doctors and patients have in battling cancer.
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Upgrading every pediatric ICU in Greece
Neonatal ICU at Ippokrateio Hospital of Thessaloniki

Seeking to help give the youngest among us the care they deserve, a 2010 SNF grant included renovations and the purchase of equipment for all existing pediatric ICUs in Greece.
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Improving care for the most challenging cases at the Hospital for Special Surgery’s SNF Complex Joint Reconstruction Center (CJRC)
Surgeons at the Hospital for Special Surgery

In marshaling the resources of world-leading orthopedists and the latest technology to address a problem that impacts hundreds of thousands Americans, the SNF CJRC is bringing together the right expertise to make the greatest challenges manageable.
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Improving child health in Burkina Faso
Graduation ceremony for skilled nursing staff

Mission Enfance worked to address a serious shortage of skilled nursery staff in Burkina Faso, by creating a new training center, the first of its kind in the country.
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143 new ambulances for Greece’s National Center for Emergency Care

A fleet of fully equipped new ambulances is serving people all across Greece, from Alexandroupolis to Ioannina, aided by digital upgrades to the dispatch center for Attica that help cut emergency response times.
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Accessible orthopedic and spine care in West Africa
FOCOS surgeons operating

Based in Ghana, FOCOS, the Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine, provides comprehensive care to underserved communities throughout West Africa.
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Providing state-of-the-art stroke care in Queens

In cases of stroke, where seconds matter, proximity to a hospital capable of providing the proper care can make all the difference. The new Mount Sinai Queens Stroke Center provides greater access to a critical procedure in the New York City borough.

We know what it takes to provide quality medical care employing current best practices, and access to that care should not depend on where you happen to live.”

SNF Senior Program Officer Roula Siklas
Partnering with Barça Foundation and L. Messi Foundation for a new pediatric cancer center in Barcelona
Dedication ceremony for

SNF joined the Barça Foundation, a longtime partner, in supporting the new SJD Pediatric Cancer Center at Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital in Barcelona.
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