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Mental Health Care and Psychological Support

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Just as everyone should have access to quality medical care, each person should have access to the mental health care they need. SNF grants have helped build capacity for this care and have helped organizations serving the most vulnerable populations provide psychological support.

Revamping mental health care for young people throughout Greece in partnership with the Child Mind Institute

In partnership with SNF, the Child Mind Institute is launching a five-year initiative to help enhance child and adolescent mental health care capacity and strengthen the infrastructure for prevention, assessment, and treatment of mental health struggles faced by children and adolescents in Greece.

Under SNF’s Health Initiative and the associated public-private partnership in place between SNF and the Greek state, the new Child Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) aims to expand access to mental health care and offer ground-up resources in ways that can reinforce the critical work done by mental health and child protection providers across the country.

With exclusive support from SNF, development and implementation of the CMHI will follow a collaborative model between a diverse, interdisciplinary team from the Child Mind Institute and a network of Greek professionals specializing in child mental health and psychosocial care. It envisions the creation of a Referral Network for child mental health, covering Alexandroupolis, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Athens, and Crete; training programs; and development of cutting-edge clinical technology to build system-wide capacity to meet needs on the ground.

Photo: Child Mind Institute

The new program builds on SNF’s support, going back more than a decade, for the Child Mind Institute’s efforts to improve diagnosis and treatment of children’s mental health disorders by collecting data through the Healthy Brain Network and by fostering research through the Scientific Research Council.

Psychological and emotional support for populations specially affected in the pandemic
Image: Grandes Amigos

A major component of SNF’s $100 million global COVID-19 relief initiative was helping provide psychological support to populations especially affected by the pandemic. Partners include, among many others:

United States
  • Hunter College Foundation, hiring an additional full-time counselor to provide mental health support to thousands of students, many from low-income families, as they face stresses including increased insecurity in food, finances, and employment
  • Montefiore Medical Center, providing health care and mental health services to tens of thousands of students in New York public schools though the Montefiore School Health Program
  • New Alternatives for Children, providing mental health support and other essentials to thousands of children with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and mental health diagnoses, as well as their families
  • Osborne Association, hiring a part-time Trauma Clinician to facilitate therapy and mindfulness activities for people affected by the criminal justice system
  • Peconic Bay Medical Center, piloting an effort to support frontline clinical staff with “psychological PPE” to help address the trauma and loss of caring for seriously ill patients
  • Service Program for Older People, increasing the organization’s staff and technological capacity to provide remote mental health services to thousands of older New Yorkers
  • Success Academy, creating a standardized social-emotional learning curriculum throughout their schools
  • University Settlement, providing mental health support to young people and adults on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, including working through area schools
  • YWCA of Queens, hiring part-time mental health professionals who speak Mandarin and Cantonese and who will provide mental health care support services to older adults
Photo: Doctors of the World Spain
  • Doctors of the World Spain, providing psychological services and other essentials to those living most precariously in Spain
  • Grandes Amigos, enabling volunteers to offer remote emotional support to seniors
  • SOLTERRE, offering psychological support to frontline medical staff and others in Italy
Countries Across Central and South America
  • Acción contra el Hambre, offering mental health consultation among other essential health services to people in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru
The Green Unit: Psychosocial Rehabilitation through Work in Green Spaces
Photo: Green Unit

Supporting people who face everyday stigma and marginalization with meaningful activities that give a sense of validation has been one of the greatest achievements of this program.

SNF Program Officer Panos Vazaios
Weaving mental health care into existing social services in New York
Photo: Nami Patel, Hudson Guild

Connections to Care aims to get New Yorkers the mental health care they need by working through existing community-based organization programming, like Hudson Guild‘s early childhood programming for low-income families. SNF has given support both to Hudson Guild and directly to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, which originated the program.

An on-the-ground, mid-pandemic view from Doctors Without Borders psychologists in Lesvos
Photo: Kristof Vadino

I know the entire planet is experiencing the same situation, but the difference for us refugees is that our living conditions, combined with restrictions on movement and the threat of the virus, are doubly stressful.

Frederick, an MSF client in Greece

Read a perspective from Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières – MSF) on the double challenge refugees face during the pandemic.

The Porch Light program from Philadelphia Mural Arts
Photo: Steve Weinik

In this setting, mural making turns therapeutic, opening a dialogue between trained artists, social workers, and those battling opioid addiction or mental health disorders.

SNF Program Officer Kira Pritchard
Looking to the mental health of new and expecting mothers in Greece
Photo: Fainareti

SNF helped support Greek nonprofit Fainareti in offering a Perinatal Mental Health Helpline for Pregnant Women and New Mothers, with a particular emphasis on reaching women in rural areas of the country.

A decade of mental health support for young people in Greece
Photo: Babel, Syn-eirmos Social Solidarity NGO

The major new effort to revamp mental health care for young people in Greece builds on a program implemented a decade ago to help address the issue through a cluster of grants to Greek nonprofits and health care institutions.

Mental health support for refugees from IRC
Photo: International Rescue Committee

A major SNF grant supports, among other elements of its work, the International Rescue Committee’s Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for refugees on the island of Lesvos.

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