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Early-career professional opportunities

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We believe that giving young people the resources they need to enter the workforce and early-career professionals to advance is one of the best investments we can make as a society. SNF grants have sought to target high youth unemployment rates, including through the Recharging the Youth initiative started in response to Greece’s prolonged socioeconomic crisis, and to provide professional opportunities of the highest caliber, in fields from art to agriculture to astrophysics. We have placed particular emphasis on reversing the flow of young professionals out of the country, working to turn “brain drain” into “brain gain.”

“The farther away the look, the deeper we see into its past.”

On the peak of Mount Psiloritis is the Skinakas Observatory, where a team of scientists are studying the origins of the universe as part of the University of Crete’s PASIPHAE project. SNF support helped make it possible for scientists to stay in Greece to conduct this research.
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Museum of Modern Art internship

“Working with the Director and his team was an extraordinary opportunity to gain insight into the art world and its operations…”

Vaso Papadopoulou, 2016-2017 SNF intern at the Museum of Modern Art in New York
Bridging the Gap between Academic Research and the Marketplace in Greece

Kosmas, a postdoc with the Demokritos industrial fellowship program, is working on cutting-edge technology—literally. He’s collaborating with BIC to use nanotechnology to help razors give a better shave as part of a broader effort to bridge the gap between academic research in the lab and applications available on the market.
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ARTWORKS SNF Artist Fellowship Program

It’s what all emerging artists hope for: a stretch of time to dedicate themselves, without constraint, to their artistic practice. The SNF Artist Fellowship Program from ARTWORKS has offered hundreds of early-career Greek artists this opportunity.

An artist and visitors with the artist's work at the International Studio & Curatorial Program
Read about young Greek artists pursuing residencies abroad
Visit the ARTWORKS exhibition “Unhappy Monuments,” held outdoors at a park in Athens during the pandemic

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  • Asociacion Cultural Norte Joven, providing vocational training to young people in Spain seeking to become electricians or enter the food industry
  • Fundación Exit, targeting youth unemployment on Spain’s Balearic Islands
  • DUO for a JOB, an intergenerational mentoring program
  • Aelia-Working Life Lab, a professional development program for young residents of Greek islands
  • The Natural Areas Conservancy offers students from the City University of New York a paid internship which offers experience in conservation management, data collection, and ecological research

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