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Relief for Refugees

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Nearly 80 million people worldwide are refugees or displaced people, facing intersecting crises that together constitute one of the greatest challenges humanity must address. We seek to provide emergency relief to people who have had to leave their homes and support them in their paths forward.

Supporting IRC’s work on the ground and behind the scenes

A five-year, $15 million grant to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is aiding the organization’s efforts to respond to refugee crises around the globe and helping it remake its backend technological infrastructure to fulfill its mission more effectively.

A perspective on the pandemic and refugees from Doctors Without Borders
MSF staff and young patient
Photo: Anna Pantelia

I know the entire planet is experiencing the same situation, but the difference for us refugees is that our living conditions, combined with restrictions on movement and the threat of the virus, are doubly stressful.

Frederick, an MSF client in Greece

Read a perspective from Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières – MSF) on the double challenge refugees face during the pandemic.

Street work in Athens helps meet the needs of unaccompanied refugee children

As of April 2021, there were roughly 3,800 unaccompanied refugee children living in Greece, nearly a quarter of whom faced housing insecurity. Nonprofit organization Faros seeks these vulnerable children out where they’re staying to help them access necessities like shelter, hot meals, showers, and clean clothes.

Using soccer to foster inclusion and respect in Lebanon, Italy, and Greece
Kids take part in Futbolnet programming
Photo: the Barça Foundation

The FutbolNet methodology, developed by the Barça Foundation, uses the game of soccer and other sport activities to give young people a chance to exercise agency, take responsibility, include others, and collectively reflect on all of it. With support from SNF, the FutbolNet program was expanded in 2017 to include populations in Greece, Lebanon, and Italy with the aim of bringing together refugee and local children on the playing field. 

Grassroots volunteer assistance for refugees on Lesvos
Photo: Starfish

During the height of the refugee crisis on Lesvos, volunteers from local grassroots organization Starfish worked to assist refugees in the northern part of the island. A grant from SNF helped Starfish build capacity for this work.

Focusing on women and young people

The Women’s Refugee Committee seeks to help improve life for women, children, and adolescents who are refugees or have been displaced, focusing on issues like economic empowerment, reproductive health, and gender-based violence.

Sharing the story of a Greek coast guard captain
Photo: 4.1 Miles

Oscar-nominated short documentary 4.1 miles offers a glimpse into the day-today experience of Greek coast guard captain Kyriakos Papadopoulos and his crew as they worked to rescue people attempting to cross by sea from Turkey into Greece. A grant from SNF supported screenings of the film, including at the UN Headquarters.

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